Hi, my name is Brian Foo. I am a programmer, artist, and joyologist. I think art should be more accessible, inter-personal, and impactful. I write about making stuff, and occasionally post things. Please shoot me a message. Here are some of my projects:

Friend R&D is a series of experiments that explore creative and technological solutions for the problems I am facing as a friend.

Data-Driven DJ is a series of music experiments that combine data, algorithms, and borrowed sounds. The goal is to explore new experiences around consuming data beyond the written and visual forms.

You Drawing You is a portrait experiment that imagines people as computer algorithms drawing portraits of themselves. Each portrait's drawing algorithm is designed to embody the unique personality of the subject.

Cities of You envisions people as imaginary places using words and paintings. The project raised $11K on Kickstarter to produce a self-published book.

Continuous City is an art project and book that explores alternative landscapes and topographies for New York City. It has been published in Visual Families and raised over $19K on Kickstarter.

Small People Love You More is an illustrated blog that enumerates all the loving benefits of being small.

New York Public Library Community Oral History Project

The New York Public Library Community Oral History Project is an initiative taking place at NYPL branches that aims to document, preserve, and celebrate the rich history of the city's unique neighborhoods by collecting the stories of people who have experienced it firsthand.


Tiny projects, future projects, or failed projects that don't have a home elsewhere

Convert your memories into a subway map in a tool called The Memory Underground. You can also read a blog post about the process.

Navigating The Green Book explores the Green Book, a guidebook from 1936 to 1966 that listed establishments across the country that welcomed Black travelers. Coverage by Washington Post.

Music Eclipticalis is an interactive song created by holding a musical staff up to the stars.

An interface and visualization where you can explore over 180K digital items in the public domain from the NYPL. Coverage by The Atlantic.

Light Reminders explores what would happen if my friendships controlled the lights in my home.

Peel back the paint of New York City walls using Google Street view. Coverage by Gizmodo and Curbed.

A wall of fish created by those who visited my apartment between 2008 and 2014.

The Grand Assembly is a curated community of 60 years and older creatives showing their craft and life stories.


Contact me at hello@brianfoo.com. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter.